Places To See in Calgary, Alberta

With its beauty, nightlife beyond honky-tonk, cool eateries, and long to-do list, Calgary will surprise you. Calgarians are not known for their humility; it is their can-do attitude and self-love that made them survived the disastrous 2013 flooding. We must not forget – Calgary hosted the very successful Winter Olympics in 1988, elected the first Muslim mayor in North America, and hosts one of the biggest festivals in Canada, the Calgary Stampede. Here are the top must-see attractions in Calgary, Canada.

National Music Center
Looking like a fanciful copper castle, the National Music Center is absolutely entertaining, taking visitors on a journey through the musical history of Canada with interactive displays, cool artifacts, and rotating exhibits. Visitors can also test their skills at the electric guitar, drums, or in a recording room, and create your unique instruments. Make sure you see the solar-powered Skywalk or Body Phonic room. You don’t have to a music junkie to have fun here, but you will likely leave as one.

Glenbow Museum
With a vast permanent collection as well as an evolving traveling exhibitions array, the magnificent Glenbow has lots for pop-culture fiend, art lover, and history buff to ponder. Often, temporary exhibits are daring, covering modern culture and art. Also, the permanent exhibitions allow visitors to explore the country’s past with many voice recordings and powerful historic personalities.

Calgary Zoo
Over 1,000 animals from across the globe, many of which are in courtyards imitating their natural habitats, make this zoo one of North America’s top-rated. The well-regarded conservation teams of the zoo protect, reintroduce, and study Canada’s endangered animals. As well as animals, the Calgary Zoo has a Botanical Garden, with a good butterfly enclosure, a tropical rainforest, changing garden displays, and the Prehistoric Park, which has life-size dinosaur replicas and fossil displays. Cafes, concessions, and picnic areas dot the zoo. This has become a favorite day trip getaway for friends of mine that run the company Zone Garage Central Alberta which is located just up the highway in Red Deer.

Heritage Park Historical Village
If you want to see what this city once looked like, visit this historical park which is the largest in Canada. There are ten hectares of renewed town to explore, with a school, church, grain mill, and fort. Hop on a train, visit the antique shop, or you can opt for a hayride.

Calgary Tower
This iconic tower is a landmark feature of the city’s skyline, though it is today usurped by several taller buildings. There’s no doubt that the aesthetics of this concrete structure have now passed into the kitsch realm, but hate it or love it, the 191-meter structure is a downtown area fixture.